Monday, 17 August 2015

Boy work.

The boys ~ Smiley, Sarge and Chopper ~ return in June.

They have been building walls.  Firstly they filled in the hole in the bathroom above the stairs going up to the attic.
This was quite a tricky thing to do, the stair 'string' is banana shaped.  They taped and filled the joints too for painting later.
They also filled in around the top of the shower, as we had left it open.  There were difficult angles to deal with.

The plumber has been.  The toilet and shower now work!  What a massive step forward, this means our primary loo is no longer in the outhouse ~ fine in the day but a bit of nuisance at night.
Then they built walls in the living room.  
The old plaster was crumbling away, so we decided to cover it up completely.
Look, the same wall in 2012!
 Living up to his name, Chopper was set loose in the back garden and cut his way to the end.  
 The boys had lots of fun and lots of barbecues.  On the way back they took my car over 100000 miles. 
 I hope the driver didn't take the photo.
The girls will return in late July.

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  1. It is exciting to see your DIY progress, and interesting to note the process and your design decisions...and of course the setting and location of the house is lovely to view as well :)


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